Family Oxalidaceae R. BR.


Fam:   Oxalidaceae R. BR.
English Name: Wood sorrel family


Perennial or annual herbaceous plants, sometimes with fleshy, tuber-similar thickened roots, rarely semi-shrubs or shrubs, very rarely small trees. Leaves simple or complex, with or without stipules, successive, rarely opposite or vertebrate. Flowers bisexual, regular, single or in umbell-similar inflorescences. Sepals 5, free or fused at the base, preserved in the fruit. Petals 5, free or weakly fused at the base. Stamens 10, in two circles, outer with short, inner with long, often fused petioles at the base. The ovary of 5 carpels with a 5-nested ovary. The styles 5, usually with glabrous stigmas. The fruit 5-nested box, rarely strawberry. Seeds with endosperm. Insect-pollinated or self-pollinating plants are propagated by seeds and vegetatively.
¹ Developed by A. Petrova.

From:   „Флора на Н. Р. България”, том VII, БАН, София, (1979)

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The Oxalidaceae, or wood sorrel family, are a small family of five genera of herbaceous plants, shrubs and small trees, with the great majority of the 570 species[2] in the genus Oxalis (wood sorrels). Members of this family typically have divided leaves, the leaflets showing "sleep movements", spreading open in light and closing in darkness.
The genus Averrhoa of which starfruit is a member, is usually included in this family (e.g. APG IV, 2016), but some botanists place it in a separate family Averrhoaceae.

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Distribution in Bulgaria: (Conspectus of the Bulgarian Vascular Flora) = conspectus&gs_l= Zlc.

References: „Флора на Н. Р. България”, том VII, БАН, София, (1979), Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Genus Oxalis L. - Wood sorrel


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