Genus  Echium L.  - 

L., Sp. PI., ed. 1 (1753) 134; Gen. PI., ed. 5 (1754) 68.


Calyx is deeply 5-shaped. The corolla is irregular, bell-shaped or tube-shaped, with wide bare opening. The corolla is irregular 5-shaped. The stamens are different long and with the column together stick out. Walnuts are oval-triple and uneven. These plants are uneven and woolly. They have tick spiral raceme compacted in sorghum.

„Флора на България”, част II, Н. Стоянов, Б. Стефанов, Б. Китанов,

Наука и Изкуство, София, (1967)

(“Flora of Bulgaria”, part II, N. Stojanov & Co, Science and Art Publishing House, (1967))


 Echium italicum

Echium vulgare


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