Genus Scrophularia L.

1 L., Sp. PI. ed. 1 (1753); Gen. PI. ed. 5 (1754) 271

Fam:  Scrophulariaceae Juss.

English Name: Figworts


Annual, biennial or perennial herbaceous plants. Rhizome spindly-shaped, not thicken, knotty or tuber-shaped thickened. Stems herbaceous or semicongealable, with 4 edges, round, in varying degrees, winged or wingless, just simple and glandular hairy or naked. Chopped leaves, just to double pinnate or goals against  positioned (seldom consecutive), in the vertebrae, on stems or squatting with cut, wedge-shaped or heart-shaped base, file-shaped, double-jagged, simple or mixed - simple and glandular with bare fiber with anastomozirashto or free veined. The racemes shaggy top-placed sorghum or sorghums out of the base of the leaves. Bracts eliptical, lance-shaped to leaf-similar, grassy, wooly as the stem or naked. Blossom leafs erect up or curved down, simply hairy, glandular or naked. Calyx broadly bell-shaped to broadly ovate, 5-lobed; shares rounded to elliptical, herbaceous or membranous edge. Unclear bilabial Corolla 5-lobed crown or bilabial clear, greenish brown, reddish brown, dark red, purple, pink, with transitional hues of blossms above, rarely white. Stamens 4, hidden in the tube of the corolla, 2 shorter, heel undeveloped or turned into staminodium. Stigma rounded bifid. Binary box, rounded to broadly ovate or ovate, the top short or extended styliform, naked. Seeds numerous, oval, rectangular, irregular wrinkled or stringers, often along with the channel. Insect-pollinated plants reproduce by seed and vegetative.
Economic importance. Contain saponins and glycosides skrofularin and skrofularosmin. Drugs from certain species are used in the treatment of kidney and heart disease, edema, ulcer, hemorrhoids. It is necessary precise dosage due to the risk of poisoning.


„Флора на Република България”, том Х, БАН, София, 1995


Scrophularia umbrosa Dum. - Green figwort, Water betony


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