Myosotis  sicula Guss.

M. sicula Guss., Fl. Sic., Syn. 1 (1843) 214; Vel., Fl. Bulg. (1891) 402; Hayek, Prodr. Fl. Penins. Balc., 11(1928) 76; Grau, Merxmuller. Fl. Eur., Ill (1972) 115; M. sicula subsp. virgata (Beg.) R. Schuster, Feddes Rep., LXXN(1967); M. sicula var. virgata Beg., Ann. Bot. (1904) 278 — Малка незабравка



Species:  Myosotis  sicula Guss. 

English Name:  Jersey Forget-me-not


Native. M. sicula was discovered at both its Jersey localities by A. J. Wilmott in 1922. It was last seen at Ouaisné Common in 1957. The Noirmont population disappeared in the 1980s when the pool became shaded by Salix species, but these were cleared in 1983 and it was rediscovered at the site in 1992. The very small population there maintains a precarious existence.

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Flowering TimeMay  -  July  

Origin:  „Флора на НР България”, том IX, БАН, София, (1989)

Distribution in Bulgaria

          These plants grow in Bulgaria on damp grassy and boggy places, around streams and rivers as well in the plains as in mountains.

It appears in all appropriate floristic regions from sea level up to 1200 m altitude.

Distribution:  Mediterranean-Atlantic element; South- and South- East Europe, South-West Asia.

Conservation status and threats:  not protected species in Bulgaria by theBiodiversity Law. Законодателство на Република България: Закон за биологичното разнообразие

Medical plan: it is not medical plant;

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Myosotis sicula 1.    Myosotis sicula 2.    Myosotis sicula 3.


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