Vicia grandiflora Scop.

1862 (18). V. grandiflora Scop., Fl. Carn. ed. 2 (1772) 65; Hayek, Prodr. Fl. Penins. Balc. I (1926) 798; Ball, Fl. Eur. II (1968) 134; Exs.: PL Bulg. Exsicc. № 51 —Едроцветна глушина

Fam:   Leguminose Juss. (Fabaceae)
Genus:   Vicia L.
Species: Vicia grandiflora Scop.
English Name: Large yellow vetch


Annual or biennial plants. Stem 30.0 - 60.0 (120.0) cm high, climbing, simple or branched basically, polygonal, with longitudinal ribs 1.0 - 2.0 mm thick, mostly short ribs absently fiber. Symmetrically feather-like leaves on top with long, usually branched tendril. Leaves 3 -7 pairs of 1.0 mm long fibrous stalks, leaves the lower back ovate, smaller, other linear, elongated wedge-shaped, elongated ovoid back or back heart-shaped, blunt tip, usually incised, short or bristlecone pointed, green on both sides short absently fibrous, entire, from 10.0 - 26.0 mm long and 2.0 - 8.0 mm wide. Stipule  3.0 - 4.0 mm long, equal, ovate, extended sharp, with dark spot, entire or lower with triangular lower share, naked or short fiber. Blossoms in  2 (-4) groups or single in the axils of leaves, along the stem length. Blossom handles 5.0 - 8.0 mm long, fitting fiber. Calyx 10.0 mm long, pipe -like bell-shaped, at the base asymmetrically curved, short fibrous, right; teeth closely triangular, more or less equal to each other, shorter than the tube. Corolla 20.0 - 35.0 mm long. Flag 14.0 - 16.0 mm wide, ovoid back on top sunken, to the bottom third more or less suddenly narrowed in wide nail during flowering curl up, longer than the wings and considerably longer than the boat, yellow to pale yellow, sometimes with a violet hue or black or green stripped naked. Ovate elliptical wings back at the base east elliptical appendage, narrowed into long thin claws, longer than the boat, yellow to pale yellow, sometimes black top, naked. The boat back ovoid, at the base with long nails, yellow to pale yellow, violet end goals. Beans (2.0) 3.0 - 5.0 cm long and 6.0 - 8.0 mm wide, oblong, tucked on top drained, flattened, black, fibrous or just idly goal, with 3 - 15 seeds. Seed (3.0) 4.0 - 5.0 mm in diameter lenticular cumulus, brown, black spotted, smooth; white scar, webbed, 3/4 - 2/3 the circumference of the seed.


1   The leaflets of the upper leaves linear, 10 - 20 times longer than wide .... var. biebersteinii (Bess.) Griseb., Spicil. Fl. Rum. Bithyn. I (1843) 78; V. biebersteinii Bess., Enum. PI. Vohl. (1822) 29; V. grandiflora γ biebersteiniana Koch, Syn. ed. 1 (1835) 197 Northeast Bulgaria, Sofia Region, Western Rhodopes.
1*   The leaflets of the upper leaves ovate back, back, heart or less linear, up to 5 times longer than wide ............................................................. 2
2    The leaflets of the upper leaves linear, 3 - 5 times longer than wide var. sordida (Waldst. et Kit.) Griseb., 1. c .; V. sordida Waldst. et Kit., PL Rar. Hung. II (1803-4) 143, t. 144; V. grandiflora β kitaibeliana Koch, 1. c. Northeast Bulgaria (Montana), Central Stara Planina (Kazanlak), Znepole region, Sofia Region, Vitosha region, Struma Valley, West Frontier Mountains, Belasitsa, Slavyanka (p. Goleshovo) Rhodopes (Velingrad), Thracian Lowland (Svilengrad).
2*  The leaflets of the upper leaves back above, ovate or heart-shaped back, 1 - 3 times longer than wide ............................................................ 3
3    The leaflets of the upper leaves on top blunt, cut, bristlecone var. grandiflora; V. grandiflora α scopoliana Koch, 1. c .; V. grandiflora subsp. scopoliana var. rotundata (Ser.) Janch., Mitt. Naturw. Ver. Stierm. XLVII (1910) 213; Hayek, 1. c .; V. sordida var. rotundata Ser. in DC., Prodr. II (1825) 363 Widespread.
3*  The leaflets of the upper leaves of the tapered tip .............................................. var. phaeosemia Griseb., 1. a. Central Stara Planina (Karlovo).
„Флора на НР България”, том VI, БАН, София, (1976)

Economic significance. Good fodder plant.

Flowering Time: Blooms: IV - VI.

References: „Флора на НР България”, том VI, БАН, София, (1976)

Distribution in Bulgaria: From the bushes and grassy areas as a weed in winter cereals. Widespread from sea level up to about 1500 m altitude. (Conspectus of the Bulgarian Vascular Flora) = conspectus&gs_l= Zlc.

Distribution: Central and Southwest Europe, the Caucasus, Southwest Asia.

Conservation status and threats: not protected species in Bulgaria by the Biodiversity Law. Законодателство на Република България: Закон за биологичното разнообразие

Medical plant: yes, it is -

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