Arabis turrita L.

  1269(6). A. turrita L., Sp. Pl. ed. 1 (1753) 665; Hayek, Prodr. Fl. Penins. Balc. I (1925) 403 — Дългоплодна гъшарка

Fam:   Cruciferae Juss. (Brassicaceae)
Genus:   Arabis L.
Species: Arabis turrita L.
English Name: Tower cress


Biennial to perennial plant. The root is branched, with short, horizontal or rising shoots, from which come out sterile rosettes and one or more flower stеms. Stems erect, (20) 30 - 70 (90) cm high, simple or branched at the top, densely leafed, covered with branched and not branched hairs, sometimes red-purple at the bottom. Leaves densely covered with short starlike hairs. Basal leaves clustered in a loose rosette, elliptic, oblong ovoid or back ovate, irregularly cut or serrated, narrowed to base at long petiole, sometimes bluish below; stems numerous, 3 - 10 (12) cm long and 1 - 4 cm wide, consecutive, sessile, oblong, elliptical or lance, unevenly serrated, blunt, at the base heart-shaped, with rounded ears covering the stem. Inflorescences at first thyroid, dense, with strongly grape-elongated fruits. Blossom petioles 3 - 5 mm long, shorter than the blossoms, erect, branched, star-shaped fibrous or nearly naked. . Blossoms numerous, the lower ones with bracts. Sepals 3 - 4 (5) mm long, erect, elongate ovate to narrowly lance, with a white zippy strip on the edge, glabrous or with sparsely hairy stars, the outer ones almost without extension at the base. Petals 6 - 8 (9) mm long, twice as long as the calyx, back lance wedge-shaped, with a rounded and slightly offset petal, greenish yellow. Stamens 5 - 6 mm long. Anthers to the base slightly expanded. The petioles of the pods (3) 4 - 7 (10) mm long, erect and adherent to the axis of the inflorescence. The pods 8 - 12 (15) cm long and 2 - 2.7 mm wide, linear, flattened, with thick edges, erect at first, slightly arched curved at maturity and all horizontally deviated, unilateral, almost parallel to each other. The caps flat, above the seeds slightly convex, with a webbed vein, without a clear midrib, bare or rarely fibrous. Stem 0.5 - 2 mm long, shorter than the width of the pod. The style is spherical, no wider than the style. Seeds 2.5 - 3 mm long, rounded to ovate, flat, brown, round with a broad, dark brown leathery wing.

Flowering Time: Blooms: IV - VI.

Distribution in Bulgaria: Growing in the mountain forests, through the rocky and rocky meadows. Widespread, up to 1600 m altitude. (Conspectus of the Bulgarian Vascular Flora) = conspectus&gs_l= Zlc.

Distribution: Western, Central, Eastern and Southern Europe, Mediterranean, Southwest Asia, Caucasus, North Africa.

Conservation status and threats: not protected species in Bulgaria by the Biodiversity Law. - Biological Diversity Act -

Medical plant: it is not medical plant - Medicinal Plants Act -

References: „Флора на НР България”, том IV, БАН, София, (1970)

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