Erysimum helveticum (Jacq.) DC

1207(2). Е. helveticum (Jacq.) DC. in Lam. et DC., F1. Fr. ed. 3, IV (1805) 658; Hayek, Prodr. Fl. Penins. Balc. 1(1925) 382— Швейцарска боянка

Fam:   Cruciferae Juss.
Genus:   Erysimum L.
Species: Erysimum helveticum (Jacq.) DC
English Name: Swiss Wallflower, Tufted Wallflower


A perennial plant. Root thick, fusiform, unbranched or branched, often with many erect or rising, branched shoots, ending with sterile leafy rosettes and floral stems. Stem erect or rising slightly is 10 - 40 cm tall, usually unbranched, angular, c with fitting longitudinally oriented split, much less mixed and slightly lobed cloth. Basal leaves 2 - 8 cm long and 1 - 8 mm wide, collected in a rosette with many leaves, linear lanceolate to oblong back lancet, sharp, to the base gradually narrowed into very thin fibrous long stem, often significantly longer than the lamina, entire or serrated, with spaced teeth to cut deep sawtooth-toothed, green or gray-green with a diluted 0.5 - 0.8 mm long, close longitudinally directed splitted hairs, rarely with single-lobed; lower and middle leaves stem like, with short petioles and less jagged, often entire; the top to the base narrowed, seated. Inflorescence thyroid cluster, thick, 4 cm wide, later in fruits extended. Flower stems 3 - 6 (7) mm long, upright diverted fiber. Sepals (7) 8 - 11 (12) mm long, straight, twice longer than the stems linear oblong, in the upper half with membranous white stripe on the edge, fibrous, outer basically bulky significantly expanded. Petals 14 - 22 mm long, 4 - 6 (7) mm wide, with back ovoid leaf blade, on top rounded, to the base narrowed to two times longer than the leaf blade narrow claw, orange-yellow or straw yellow, naked. The long tamens 12 - 14 mm long. Anthers 3 - 4 mm. The stems of the pods 5 - 7 (11) mm long, thinner than pods, upright diverted, rarely almost horizontal. Pods linear four ridged, 3 - 6 (9) cm long and 1 - 1.2 mm wide, gray-green, covered with splitted fitting cloth, on the edges naked, diverted, straight or rarely slightly curved. The bar 1.5 - 4 mm long, 2 - 3 times longer than the width of the pod, naked or with rare hairs. Stigma wider than the bar, shallow cut. The seeds 1.5 mm long, oblong, narrowed at the top.


var. helveticum. The bar 2 - 4 mm long; petals straw yellow; Central Stara Planina region Znepolski region (Tran, Paramunska mountain, Konyovska mountain) Slavyanka, Pirin, Rila.
var. drenowskyi (Deg.) Assenov comb, n; E. Drenovskyi Deg Mag. Bot, Lap. XXXIII (1934) 73. E. helveticum var. comatum f. drenovskyi Stoj. et Sfef., Fluoro. Bul. Ed. 3 (1948) 523; E. comatum var. drenowskyi (Deg.) Stoj. Stef. et Kitan., Fluoro. Bul. Ed. 4, 1 (1966) 481. The bar 1.5 - 2.5 mm long; orange yellow petals. Slavyanka, South Pirin.

Flowering Time: Blooms: V - VII.

References: „Флора на НР България”, том IV, БАН, София, (1970)

Distribution in Bulgaria: Grow on rocks and stony mountain meadows, mainly of limestone terrain. Western and Central Stara Planina, Znepolski region (Tran, Paramunska mountain, Konyovska mountain.) Slavyanka, Pirin, Rila, Mountains, to 2000 m altitude. (Conspectus of the Bulgarian Vascular Flora) = conspectus&gs_l= Zlc.

Distribution: Central Europe (Austria, Switzerland, Northern Italy), Southern Europe.

Conservation status and threats: not protected species in Bulgaria by the Biodiversity Law. - Biological Diversity Act -

Medical plant: It is not medical plant - Medicinal Plants Act -




On the slope below "Църна могила" peak, Pirin Mountain

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