Referenc: "Flora of Republic Bulgaria", vol.V, Bulg.Acad. Sci., Sofia, (1973)


Trees, shrubs and herbaceous perennials, less rarely annual plants. The leaves are consecutive, rarely opposite, simple or complex, with retaining or failing simple, free or folded with foliage яшепs, rarely the natives are absent. Blossoms single or collected in a variety of inflorescences, usually regular, very rarely symmetrical, two-sided, rarely same-sex or polygamy. The torus is flat, convex or concave, forming variously shaped hypantites - panic, spider, spherical, trumpet or other forms formed by the adhesion of the torus with the base of the sepals and the base of the stamen stems. The perianth usually consists of a calyx and a crown, sometimes the crown is missing or the calyx is double. Stamens usually 5. Petals 5, less often 4, 6, 8 or more, sometimes missing. Stamens 2 - 3 or 4 times more than sepals or are in an indefinite number. Carpellums one to many, free or co-mingled with each other, sometimes with a hatch, upper, lower or half-length, depending on the degree of adhesion. The styles are free, less sophisticated. Fruit bubbles, walnuts, boxes, stoneware, stone, non-essential strawberry. The fruits of the seeds have different attachments for wind and animal distribution.


Amygdalus L. - Rosid dicot genus

Cotoneaster Medic. - not found a common name

Crataegus L. - Hawthorn, Thornapple, May-tree, Whitethorn, Hawberry

Fragaria L. - Strawberries

Geum L. - Avens

Rosa L. - Rosa

Sorbus L. - White beam, Rowan, Service tree and Mountain-ash



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