Genus Ballota L.

Род 683 (22). КАНДИЛНИЧЕ — BALLOTA L.¹

 L., Sp. Pl., ed. 1 (1733) 582; Gen. Pl.; ed. 5 (1754) 253.

Fam:   Labiatae Juss. (Lamiaceae)
Genus:   Ballota L.
English Name: Horehound


Perennial herbaceous plants or small shrubs. Stem 30 - 100 cm high, erect, rarely sloping, branched, fibrous. Stem leaves with handles, most often with a heart-shaped base, jagged with simple and branched hairs, often with semi-contiguous glands. Blossoms in dihasis with multiple flowers in the bosom of gradually decreasing to the top inflorescence leaves. Bracts linear. The calyx is tubular to a back conical with 5 teeth, 10 veins, fibrous. Twin-necked wreath; the upper lip is straight or slightly curved, from the outside with hairs, the lower 3-part with a back ovarian median. The wreath tube shorter or equal to the calyx, with a ring of hairs on the inside. Stamens 4, parallel, the two outer longer. Anthers separated. Walnuts oblong to oblong back ovate, rounded on top. The seeds brown.

¹ Developed by M. Popova.

From:  „Флора на Н. Р. България”, том IX, БАН, София, (1989)

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The genus Ballota is in the family Lamiaceae in the major group Angiosperms (Flowering plants).

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Ballota (horehound) is a genus of flowering evergreen perennial plants and subshrubs in the family Lamiaceae. native to temperate regions. The Mediterranean region has the highest diversity in the genus, with more isolated locations in South Africa, Central Asia, northern Europe, and the islands of the eastern North Atlantic.[1][2] It is found in rocky and waste ground.[3]
Ballota is paraphyletic and will eventually be re-circumscribed. It is closely related to Moluccella and Marrubium.[4] Some of its species had previously been placed in Marrubium.
Ballota species are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera including Coleophora case-bearers: C. ballotella, C. lineolea (which has been recorded on B. nigra) and C. ochripennella.

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References: „Флора на Н. Р. България”, том IX, БАН, София, (1989), “The Plant List” -, Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Distribution in Bulgaria: (Conspectus of the Bulgarian Vascular Flora) = conspectus&gs_l= Zlc.


Ballota nigra L. - Black horehound


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