Genus Telekia  Baumg.

Baumg., Enum. Stirp. Transsilv. 3 (1817) 149; DC., Prodr. 5 (1836) 465; Greuter, Med-Checklist
2 (2008)775; Buphtalmum L./Sp. Pl. ed. 1 (1753)903; Gen. Pl. ed. 5 (1754)385, p.p.

Fam:   Asteraceae (Compositae)
Genus:   Telekia  Baumg.
English Name: not found a common name


Perennial rhizome herbaceous plants. Stems single, erect, branched, fibrous. Leaves consecutive, entire, serrated, on petioles to almost sat down, fibrous to glabrous. Baskets heterogamous, with many blossoms, disc-shaped to hemispherical, individually on long petioles in the armpits of the upper leaves, forming thyroid complex inflorescences. Enveloping leaflets in several rows, not the same, tile-like overlapping; peripherals at the apex leaf-shaped, folded back; middle and inner skins to scaly, serrated at the apex, erect when the fruit ripens. The flower bed is convex, bare, with numerous linear membranous bracts surrounding the fruit seeds. The blossoms are differently colored; peripheral tongue-similar, in 1 row, female, golden yellow, fruiting; internal numerous, tubular, bisexual, brownish yellow, corolla apex with 5-toothed. The style with linear, rounded stigmas at the top. Anthers linear, at the base with elongated bearded appendages. Fruit seeds close in size, cylindrically prismatic, finely longitudinally ribbed, glabrous. The kite is membranous, with a large serrated crown.

Insect pollinated; propagated by seeds.

¹ Developed by † B. Kuzmanov.

From:   „Флора на Република България”, том XI, БАН, Академично издателство „Проф. Марин Дринов”, София, (2013),

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Telekia is a genus of flowering plant, of the family Asteraceae.[2][3]

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The genus Telekia is in the family Compositae in the major group Angiosperms (Flowering plants). › browse › Compositae › Telekia

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Distribution in Bulgaria: (Conspectus of the Bulgarian Vascular Flora) = conspectus&gs_l= Zlc.

References: „Флора на Република България”, том XI, БАН, Академично издателство „Проф. Марин Дринов”, София, (2013), Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, › browse › Compositae › Telekia

One native species in Bulgaria

Telekia speciosa (Schreb.) Baumg. - Yellow ox-eye


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