Geranium pyrenaicum Burm.

Geranium pyrenaicum Burm. fiL, Spec. Bot. Geran. (1759) 27; Boiss. Fl. Or. I (1867) 880; Hayek, Prodr, Fl. Penins. Balc. I (1925) 570; Webb et Ferguson, Fl. Eur. II (1968) 198; G. pyrenaicum var. dobrogeanum Prod., Bui. Inalte Stud. Agr. Cluj, 6 (1935—1936) 47; Exs.: PI. Bulg. Exsicc. № 838 — Пиринейски здравец

Fam:  Geraniaceae Juss.
Genus: Geranium L.  
Species: Geranium pyrenaicum Burm.
English Name: Bill Wallis

These are perennial plants with vertical roots, 18 – 180 cm high. Stems are several, straight or in ascent. Their upper parts are branched out. They are covered with tick gland-like and more seldom long, white, simple, locks. Under leafs are 5,5 – 40 cm long. Their stems are covered with simple, short and gland-like locks. The leafs are 1,5 – 5,0 cm long, 2,5 – 8,0 cm wide, rounded and divided in ½ of the radius into 5 – 7 parts. Stipules are egg-lance, brown, dense wooly. The leafs of the stem have 1,5 – 4,5 cm long wooly stems. Upper leafs are almost sloping, 1,0 – 4,5 cm long, 2,0 – 7,5 cm wide, divided into 3 – 5 parts, each of them stall over or deeper divided into triangular-lance-shaped shares. The blossoms are twice on wooly fork stems 1,0 – 5,5 cm long, pale violet colored. 

'Bill Wallis' is a rather lax, sprawling perennial to 30cm tall, with small, rounded, lobed leaves and open sprays of vivid purple flowers 2cm wide, from

late spring to late autumn.

Flowering Time: V—VIII,

References: „Флора на НРБ”, том VII, БАН, София (1979),

Distribution in Bulgaria:

These plants are growing on stony and bushy places, frequently on damp places in plains, foothills and mountains, in all appropriate floristic regions, from sea level, up to 2000 m altitude. 


Southern- and Western Europe, Caucasus, South-West Asia, North-West Africa.

Conservation status and threats:  it is not protected species in Bulgaria by the Biodiversity Law. Законодателство на Република България: Закон за биологичното разнообразие

Medical plant: it is medical plant in Bulgaria.

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