Inula germanica L.

3091 (2). I. germanica L., Sp. Pl. ed. 1 (1753) 883; DC., Prodr. 5 (1836) 467; Boiss., Fl. Or. 3 (1875) 189; Hayek, Prodr. Fl. Penins. Balc. 2 (1931) 601; Grierson, Fl. Turkey 5 (1975) 68; P.W. Ball & Tutin, Fl. Eur. 4 (1976) 134 - Немски оман, главоч, зелениче

Fam:   Asteraceae (Compositae)
Genus:   Inula L.
Species: Inula germanica L.
English Name: There are no common names


Perennial plant. Rhizome horizontal, thin, creeping, branched, scaly. Stems single or several, 30 - 60 (75) cm high, cylindrical, finely longitudinally ribbed, dense, gray-green, with long fine white simple and short glandular hairs, branched at the top. Leaves ovate to narrowly lance, back lance or narrowly elliptical, (3) 4 - 8 (10) cm long and (0.7) 1 - 2 (3) cm wide, sessile, rounded at the base to semi-heart-shaped and semi- heart-shaped stem covering, pointed, pinnate, more or less glossy or matte, sparsely dusted, on both sides with thin white long and short glandular hairs, with convex veins below. Baskets bell-shaped, 0.7 - 1.1 cm in diameter, with many flowers, numerous (up to 40, rarely small and up to 5), singly on fibrous petioles, forming apical, usually compact, thyroid complex inflorescences. Integumentary leaflets in 4 - 5 rows, pointed, more or less mixed fibrous, erect when ripe; peripheral ovate, 2 - 3 mm long and 1 - 2 mm wide, 1/3 to 1/2 of the length of the inner, last linear lance, 5 - 8 mm long and 0.5 - 0.7 mm wide. The flowers are yellow; tongue-like up to 20 in number, with 4 - 5 mm long tongue, equal to slightly longer than the integumentary leaflets; tubular numerous, 6 - 7 mm long. Fruit seeds cylindrically prismatic, cut off at the top and at the base, 1 - 1.5 mm long, light brown, finely longitudinally ribbed, glabrous. The kite of 30 - 35 yellowish, finely dusted, basically free, 6 - 7 mm long hairs.

Note. Hybrids of I. germanica L. x I. ensifolia L .; I. germanica L. x I. salicina L .; I. hirta L. x I. ensifolia L .; I. hirta L. x I. salicina subsp. germanica (Poir.) Hayek (Стоян., Стеф., Китан. 1967; Кузманов, unpublished data). All need further research. (MA).

From:   „Флора на Република България”, том XI, БАН, Академично издателство „Проф. Марин Дринов”

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Inula germanica L. is an accepted name

This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Inula (family Compositae). › tpl1.1 › record › gcc-142889

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Flowering Time: Blooms: VI - IX, fruitful: VII - XI.

Distribution in Bulgaria: Growing in bushes, sparse forests, forest meadows and forest edges, in the plains and mountains. Widespread, from sea level to 1200 m above sea level. height. (Conspectus of the Bulgarian Vascular Flora) = conspectus&gs_l= Zlc.

Distribution: Central and Southeastern Europe, Caucasus, Siberia, Central and Southwest Asia.

Conservation status and threats: not protected species in Bulgaria by the Biodiversity Law. - Biological Diversity Act -

Medical plant: yes, it is medical plant - Medicinal Plants Act -

References: From:   „Флора на Република България”, том XI, БАН, Академично издателство „Проф. Марин Дринов”, › tpl1.1 › record › gcc-142889

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