Orobanche gracilis Sm.

2920 (24). O. gracilis Sm., Trans, Linn. Soc. (London) IV (1798) 172; Hayek, Prodr. Fl. Penins. Balc. II (1929) 216; Chater et Webb, Fl. Eur. III (1972) 293; O. cruenta Bertol., Rar. Ital. Pl. Dee. III (1820) 56 — Строен воловодец

Fam:   Orobanchaceae Vent.
Genus:   Orobanche L.
Species: Orobanche gracilis Sm.
English Name: Slender broomrappe


Perennial plant. Stem simple, 15 - 60 cm high, 2 - 7 mm in diameter, smooth or dry grooved, yellow or reddish, glandular fibrous, almost naked to the base. Leaves 7 - 15 (20) mm long and 3 - 8 mm wide, triangular ovate to lance; lower densely spaced, upper distant, glandular fibrous, rarely glabrous. Inflorescence glandular fibrous угеьшеьи, 3 - 10 cm long and 2 - 4 cm wide; the lower овдуеиs distant, the upper ones close together. Bracts 1 - 2 cm long, glandular fibrous, pale brown, triangular lance, gradually pointed, almost equal to the corolla. The flowers are fragrant. Calyx 8 - 15 mm long, glandular fibrous, about 2 times shorter than the gingival tube, composed of 2 lance ovate shares, divided to the middle into 2 unequal teeth; teeth gradually pointed, more or less keel-shaped on the back, shorter by 1, longer by 3 veins. Corolla 1.5 - 2.5 cm long, bell-shaped, short glandular fibrous, the longitudinal dorsal line evenly arched, waxy yellow on the outside with purple-red veins, red on the lips, rarely yellow, naked on the inside and dark red and shiny, below the base of the stamens narrowed and upwards dilated. Upper lip keeled, entire or shallowly 2-part, with almost rounded, slightly curved back parts; the lower one with rounded, shallowly serrated and finely ciliated lobes along the edge, the middle one larger than the lateral ones, obliquely directed downwards. Stamens caught 0.5 - 2 mm from the base of the corolla; the petioles to the base and the corolla below them covered with simple, and to the top with glandular hairs or bare. The ovary is oblong-elliptic, glabrous or at the top, as well as the column, glandular fibrous. The style is often reddish at the top. Stigma yellow, often with a red wreath at the base. The box is 1.2 - 1.5 cm long and 4 - 7 mm wide, cylindrical, often with 3 bumps at the base, sometimes visible on the ovary. Seeds about 4.5 mm long, ovoid.


Var. gracilis. Corolla 1.5 - 2 cm long. Distributed within the species.
Var. spruneri (Schultz) G. Beck, Bibl. Bot. (Stuttgart) XIX, 1 (1890) 198; O. spruneri Schultz, Archiv Fl. All. (1848) 130. Corolla 2 - 2.5 cm long. Fore-Balkans (Lukovit region), Pirin.

General distribution. Western and Central Europe, Northwest Africa (Morocco), Mediterranean, Caucasus, Southwest Asia (Asia Minor).

Note. These are incorrectly indicated for Bulgaria O. coerulescens Steph., O. grisebachii Reut., O. cernua Loefl.

From:   „Флора на Република България”, том Х, Академично издателство „Проф. Марин Дринов” БАН, София, (1995)

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Orobanche gracilis Sm. is an accepted name

This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Orobanche (family Orobanchaceae).
The record derives from WCSP (in review) (data supplied on 2012-03-23) which reports it as an accepted name with original publication details: Trans. Linn. Soc. 4: 172 1798.


Catodiacrum cruentum Dulac, Orobanche cruenta Bertol., Orobanche grandiuscula Moris


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Orobanche gracilis

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Flowering Time: Blooms: V - VII, fruitful: VII - IX (X).

Distribution in Bulgaria: Growing on grassy slopes, bushes and forest meadows, on different genera Lamiaceae, throughout the country, from sea level to 1800 m altitude. (Conspectus of the Bulgarian Vascular Flora) = conspectus&gs_l= Zlc.

Distribution: Western and Central Europe, Northwest Africa (Morocco), Mediterranean, Caucasus, Southwest Asia (Asia Minor).

Conservation status and threats: not protected species in Bulgaria by the Biodiversity Law. - Biological Diversity Act -

Medical plant: no, it is not - Medicinal Plants Act -

References: „Флора на Република България”, том Х, Академично издателство „Проф. Марин Дринов” БАН, София, (1995), › tpl1.1 › record › kew-2395655, Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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