Platanthera bifolia (L. ) L. C. Rich.

Fam: Orchidaceae Lindl. 
Genus:   Platanthera Rich.
Species: Platanthera bifolia (L. ) L. C. Rich.
English Name: Lesser buterfly orchid


Platanthera bifolia (L.) L. C. Rich

Zweiblättrige Waldhyazinthe

Beschreibung: Pflanze 15 - 50 cm hoch. Stengel hohl, kantig, hell gelbgrün, mit 2 (selten 3 - 4) grundständigen Laubblättern und 3 - 5 lanzettlichen, spitzen, tragblattartigen Stengelblättern. Grundblätter gegenständig, kahl, hellgrün, glänzend, mit zahlreichen Längsnerven, zumeist in einen Stiel verschmälert, oval bis länglich, 25 cm lang, 2 - 5 cm breit. Blütenstand zylindrisch, bis zu 25 cm lang, meist locker, reichblutig. Tragblätter lanzettlich, gelblichgrün, etwa so lang wie der Fruchtknoten. Blüten ziemlich groß, weiß oder weifilich-grünlich. Seitliche Sepalen lanzettlich, 10 mm lang, 4 - 5 mm breit, stumpf, abstehend. Mittleres Sepal mit den Petalen zusammenneigend, eiförmig-dreieckig, stumpf, 5 - 7mm lang, 4 - 5 mm breit. Petalen lineal-lanzettlich, sichelartig gekrümmt, 8mm lang, 2,5mm breit. Lippe zungenförmig, nach abwärts gerichtet, stumpf, an der Spitze grünlich, 8 - 15 mm lang, 1,5 - 3 mm breit. Sporn fadenförmig, ziemlich waagerecht mit nach abwarts gebogener, grünlicher Spitze, 1,3 - 4,0cm lang. Staubbeutelfächer parallel verlau- fend, zumeist einander stark genähert.
Bliitezeit: Von Mai bis August.
Hohenverbreitung: Von der Küste bis 2300 m.
Standort: In lichten Laub- und Nadelwäldern, im Gebüsch, im Magerrasen, in feuchten Wiesen, in Flach- und Zwischenmooren.
Bastarde: Selten mit Pl. chlorantha.
Bildnachweis: 5.7.1981, Oberstdorf (Allgau), H. Baumann.
"Die wildwachsende Orchideen Europas", H. Baumann, S. Künkele, Kosmos, Stuttgart, (1982),

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Platanthera bifolia (L.) L. C. Rich

Description: Plant 15-50 cm high. Stem hollow, angular, light green, with 2 (rarely 3 - 4) basal leaves and 3 - 5 lanceolate, acute, bract-like stem leaves. Basal leaves opposite, naked, light green, shiny, with numerous longitudinal streaks, mostly narrowed into a stalk, oval to oblong, 25 cm long, 2 - 5 cm wide. Inflorescence cylindrical, up to 25 cm long, usually loose, floriferous. Bracts lanceolate, yellowish green, about as long as the ovary. Blossoms quite large, white or greenish- whitish. Lateral sepals lanceolate, 10 mm long, 4 - 5 mm wide, obtuse, spreading. The median Sepal accrete together with the petals, ovate-triangular, blunt, 5 - 7 mm long, 4 - 5 mm wide. Petals linear-lanceolate, sickle-like curved, 8mm long, 2.5mm wide. Lip tongue-shaped, directed downwards, dull, greenish at the top, 8 - 15 mm long, 1.5 - 3 mm wide. Spur thready, rather horizontally with after downward curved, greenish tip, 1.3 - 4.0 cm long. Anthers parallel arranged parallel to one another, mostly strongly approximated.
Flowering time: From May to August.
Height Spread: From the sea coast to 2300 m.
Habitat: In sparse deciduous and coniferous forests, in the bushes, in the lean lawns, in damp meadows, in flat and intermediate moors.
Bastards: Rare with Pl. chlorantha.
Origin pictures: 05/07/1981, Oberstdorf (Allgau), H. Baumann.
"Die wildwachsende Orchideen Europas", H. Baumann, S. Künkele, Kosmos, Stuttgart, (1982),

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Platanthera bifolia (L.) Rchb. - Двулистна платантера

659 (1).P. bifolia (L.) Rchb. Fl. Germ. Exc. (1830) 120; Orchis bifolia L. Sp. PL ed. 1 (1753) 939; P. solstitialis Bönningh. in Rchb. Fl.? Germ. Exc. (1830) 120; Hayek Prodr. FL Penins. Balc.Ill (1933)408-Двулистна платантера

Многогодишни растения. Грудките цели, овално вретеновидни, силно източени. Стъблото до 40 см високо. Долните 2 - 3 листа едри, широко овални или обратно овални, тъпи, другите 1 - 3 листа много по-дребни, ланцетни наподобяващи прицветници. Прицветниците малко по-къси от цветовете. Съцветието рядко, овално или цилиндрично. Околоцветните листчета овално ланцетни, двете външни разперени, трите вътрешни линейни, често зеленикави, събрани в шлем. Уст­ната по-дълга от тях, цяла, длъгнесто линейна. Шпората почти нишковидна, на върха си слабо задебелена, хоризонтална, зеленикава. Джобчетата на полиниите успоредни. Връзката между тях тясна.

"Флора на НР България", том II, БАН, София, (1964),

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Platanthera bifolia, commonly known as the lesser butterfly-orchid,[1] is a species of orchid in the genus Platanthera, having certain relations with the genus Orchis, where it was previously included and also with the genus Habenaria. It is a Palaearctic species occurring from Ireland in the West, across Europe and Asia to Korea and Japan. It is also found in North Africa.[2][3] The name Platanthera is derived from Greek, meaning "broad anthers", while the species name, bifolia, means "two leaves".


Lesser butterfly-orchids are not to be confused with the greater butterfly-orchid, which are about the same size. Lesser butterfly-orchids are distinguished by their two shining green basal leaves, especially of the hill form, which are shorter and broader and by the angle of the pollinia.The upper sepal and petals form a loose triangular hood above the pollinia, which lie parallel and close together, obscuring the opening into the spur, which is long and almost straight. There are usually around 25 white flowers tinged with yellow-green in a slim flower spike. The flowers are night-scented, but the chemical components of the scent are different from those of greater butterfly-orchid and attract different pollinators.
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Flowering Time: May - July

References: "Die wildwachsende Orchideen Europas", H. Baumann, S. Künkele, Kosmos, Stuttgart, (1982), "Флора на НР България", том II, БАН, София, (1964), Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Distribution in Bulgaria: В храсталаците, светлите гори, влажните поляни, предимно в предпланините и долния планински пояс до 1500м надморска височина, в различни части на страната, не много рядко. (Conspectus of the Bulgarian Vascular Flora) = conspectus&gs_l= Zlc.

Distribution: Цяла Европа, Кавказ, Северна Азия до Хималаите, Алтай и Източен Сибир до Задбайкалието, Северна Африка.

Conservation status and threats:  not protected species in Bulgaria by theBiodiversity Law. Законодателство на Република България: Закон за биологичното разнообразие

Medical plant: Yes, it is -

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3. Platanthera bifolia (L. ) L. C. Rich

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