Saxifraga paniculata Mill.

Saxifraga paniculata Mill., Gard. Diet. ed. 8 (1768) No 3; Fuchs, Ber. Schw. Bot. Ges. LXX (1960) 46; D. A. Webb, Fl. Eur. 1(1964)380; S. aizoon Jacq., Fl. Austr. V(1778) 18, t. 438; Vel., Fl. Bulg. (1891) 193; Стоян. Стеф., Фл. Бълг. изд. 1, 1(1924)553 ; Hayek, Prodr. Fl. Penins. Balc. 1 (1925) 646; S. crustata auct. bulg. non Vest. Дебелецoва каменоломка

Fam:   Saxifragaceae Juss.
Genus:   Saxifraga L.
Species: Saxifraga paniculata Mill.
English Name: White mountain saxifrage, Alpine saxifrage, Encrusted saxifrage, Livelong saxifrage, Lime-encrusted saxifrage, Silver saxifrage


Perennial. Densely tussock-like. Stems creeping, 3 - 5 cm long, with a few remnants of old leaves, branched. Successive leaves; The lowest leaves upturned collected in dense hemispherical rosette (5) 12 - 40 (60) mm long and 2 - 8 mm wide, 2 - 7 times longer than wide, ovate to oblong back shovel-like or extended tongues gradually narrowed, at the base gradually narrowed into a short broad stem, in the bottom half edge long ciliates at the top wholesale finely serrated, with clear cartilage edge and numerous punctate glands, accretive usually on denticles of glands calcium salts, fleshy, leathery, naked on top, pointed or nearly blunt, blue-green to gray-green at the base often slightly purple; Stem leaves 5 - 15 mm long and 3 - 5 mm wide, numerous, prolonged lower back ovate, upper extended shovel-like, with short wide stems, on top blunt or pointed, bare or base edge and back glandular fibrous, cartilage with a clear edge in the bottom half with a few hairs at the top wholesale finely serrated with numerous glands, secreting secreted calcium salts. Flowering stems erect, (4) 12 - 30 cm tall, branched in the upper half, gray-green, at the base slightly purple, densely covered with short glandular hairs. Clusters outerwear, loose, or panicle-like cluster, numerous or few blossoms, flowering branches with a 1 - 3 (4 - 5) blossoms, spreading or ascending, glandular pubescent. Bracts 2 - 4 mm long and 1 - 2 mm wide, narrowly lance, green to purple, back at the base fibrous glandular absently. Blossom handles 1 - 5 mm long, glandular pubescent, usually shorter than the boxes. Sepals 1 - 2 mm long and 0.5 - 1.5 mm in clear width, fused at the base, triangular-ovate or narrowly ovate, blunt or pointed on the outer side at the base of short glandular pubescent. Petals (3) of 4 - 6 mm long and 1.5 to 4 mm in clear width at the base gradually narrowed into a short claw, entire, white or pale yellow with red dots with 3 - 5 obscure stripped naked, equal to each other, 2 - 3 times longer than the calyx. Staminal stems fibrous, yellow anthers. Box 3 - 6 mm in diameter, almost cumulus; ledges spread. Seed (0.8) 1 mm long, extended ovate, tip pointed, perfectly fine-grained, brownish..

1.    Rozette leaves ovate to oblong back shovel-like, upper extended, from medium wedge narrowed ................................. ............... ............... . 2
1* Rozette leaves extended tongues gradually narrowed ....................................................................................................................................... 3
2 . Rozette leaves 2 - 3 times longer, than. . . var. brevifolla (Engl.) Kuzm., comb, n.; S. aizoon var. brevifolia Engl., Monogr. Saxifr. (1872) 224; S. aizoon var. moesiaca Vel., Österr. Bot. Zeitschr. XLII (1892) 14; S. aizoon f. orbiculata Dav. -in herb. - Central Stara Planina (Balkan) mountain, West Frontier (Osogovska), Rhodopes mountains.
2* Rozette leaves more than 3 times longer than wide . . . var. paniculate; S. aizoon var. alpicola auct. bulg. non Jordan; S. aizoon f. intermedia et f. balcanica Dav. in herb. - Central and Western Stara Planina, Vitosha (Belchova scala), Znepole region ( Rui, Tran, Konyavska mountain), West Frontier Mountains (Osogovska mountain) Belasitza, „Славянка”, Pirin , Rila and Rodopi mountains.
3. Inflorescence panicle type, with many blossoms. The leaves are usually longer than 20 mm. Flowering stems 20 - 30 cm tall . . . var. recta (Lap.) Kuzm., comb. n.; S. recta Lap., Fig. PI, Pyr. I ( 1801 ) 33 ; S. aizoon var. recta (Lap.) Ser. in DC., Prodr. IV ( 1830 ) 19 ; S. aizoon var. robusta Engl., op. c. 294 ; S. aizoon var. cultrata (Schott, Nym. et Kotschy) Engl, et Irmsch., Pflanzenreich, 117 , IV, 1 ( 1916 ) 500 ; Vel., Sitzb. Bot. Ges. Wien VII ( 1910 ) 23 ; S. cultrata Schott, Nym. et Kotschy, Analect. Bot. ( 1854 ) 23 ; S. aizoon var. basarensis Vel., Fl. Bulg., Suppl. I (1898) 114; S.aizoon f. grandis Dav. in herb. - Central Stara Planina , Pirin, Rila.
3*  Inflorescence racemose, with few blossoms. The leaves up to 20 mm long. Flowering stems (12) 15 - 20 cm tall . . . var. orientalis (Engl.) Kuzm., comb. n.; S, aizoon var. orientalis Engl.; op. c. 245; S. aizoon Panč, ex Vel., Op. c. 114; S. aizoon var. racemulosa Rapć., Elem. Fl Bulg. (1883) 30; S. aizoon var. orbelica Vel., Österr., Bot. Zeitschr. (1901) 30 - Pirin, Rila mountains

* S. stolonifera Meerb., Afbeeld. (1775) t. 23; Jacq., Misc. I (1781) 317; S. sarmentosa L "in Ellis, Descr. Dionaea Cur. Schreb. ( 1780 ) 16 ; L. fib, Suppl. (1781) 240
Perennial. Stem short, with numerous widespread dense fibrous reddish shoots, leaves 30 - 50 mm long and 3 - 9 mm wide, rounded kidney, shallow separated, toothed, fleshy, green with blue spots on top, purple underneath.  Inflorescence loose, with many blossoms brush.
Grown as indoor ornamental plant .
Originated in Japan - China area.

Flowering Time: Blooms V-VIII, fruitful VII-IX.

References: „Флора на НР България”, том IV, БАН, София, (1970)

Distribution in Bulgaria: In rocky places, often on limestone, in the mountain and high-mountain zone. Western and Central Stara Planina (Balkan), Znepole district Vitosha region (Vitosha) West Frontier Mountains (Osogovska) Belasitza, „Славянка”, Pirin, Rila, Rhodopes mountains, between 850 and 2800 m altitude. (Conspectus of the Bulgarian Vascular Flora) = conspectus&gs_l= Zlc.

Distribution: Central and Eastern part and Northern Europe , North America .

Conservation status and threats:  not protected species in Bulgaria by theBiodiversity Law. Законодателство на Република България: Закон за биологичното разнообразие

Medical plant: it is not -


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Saxifraga paniculata 1. Saxifraga paniculata 2.


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