Saxifraga stribrnyi (Vel. ) Podp.

Saxifraga stribrnyi (Vel.) Podp., Verh. Zool. Bot. Gesell. Wien Lit (1902) 652; D. A. Webb, Fl. Eur. I (1964) 379; S. porophylla auct. var. stribrnyi Vel., Fl. Bulg. Suppl. I (1898) 114; S. media auct. subsp. Stribrnyi (Vel.) Hayek, Denkschr. Akad. Wiss. Mat. Nat. Kl. XCIV(1919) 168; Prodr. Fl. Penins. Balc. 1 (1925) 642; Стоян. Стеф., Фл. Бълг. изд. 1, I (1924) 554 - Стрибърниева каменоломка

Fam:   Saxifragaceae Juss.
Genus:   Saxifraga L.
Species: Saxifraga stribrnyi (Vel. ) Podp.
English Name: Engleria saxifrage


Perennial thick tussock like. Stems creeping, 2 - 7 cm long, with numerous remains of leaves, branched. Successive leaves; at the base collected in a thick flat rosette (4) 10 - 20 (30 ) mm long and (2) 4 - 6 (8) mm wide, oblong shovel like, widest at the top, the base gradually waisted, naked, short edge ciliate, up entire, with a clear cartilage rim of the top, round blunt or short-pointed on the end of a row of punctate glands secreting calcium salts vazmesesti, blue-green to gray-green encrusted with calcium salts; Stem leaves 5 - 8 (12) mm long and (2) 3 - 5 (6) mm wide, lance shovel like, gradually narrowed at the base, widest at the top, with a clear cartilage edge, of the top short tapered, at the base short ciliate, up entire, glandular, gray-green inlaid with calcium salts. Blossom stems erect, (2) 5 - 10 cm tall, simple, reddish, densely glandular pubescent. Clusters pinnacle, branched umbel like  panicles, blossom carried twigs outspread, densely glandular pubescent. Blossoms 10 - 30. Bracts 3 - 5 mm long and 2 - 4 mm wide, elliptic lanceolate, red wine, glandular pubescent. Pedicels (2) 3 - 6 (13) mm long, fibrous glandular, usually considerably shorter than the boxes. Sepals connate to half a widely bell shaped calyx, in its free part 3 - 5 (6) mm long and 1 - 2 mm wide, triangular, pointed on the outside edge and covered with red wine glandular hairs, faces in the fetus. Petals to 4 mm long and 2 mm wide, equal to each other, naked, a little shorter than the cup, back ovoid shovel like, gradually narrowed from the middle to claw entire or toothed, red and purple or rarely white with dark purple streaks or light without red dots. Staminal fibrous stalks at the base triangular expanded, anthers yellow. Box 4 - 5 (8) mm long and (3) 4 - 5 mm wide, ovoid, pedicles spread. Seeds 0.8 to 0.9 mm long, ovate, pointed at the top, the sides and back finely granular with sharp fine papillae and red .
Typus - S. poraphylla var. srtribrnyi in rupibus calcares m. Rhodope infra Baskovo a. 1893. Leg. Stribrnyi ( PRC n . v.).


f. stribrnyi; S. stribrnyi var. apiculata Rodp., ap. p 652; S. stribrnyi vag. podrerae Engl. et Irmsch., Pflanzenreich, 117 , IV (1) (1916) 539 - red and purple petals. Slavyanka, Pirin, Medium ( Bachkovo, Asenovgrad Dobrostan Plovdiv, Trigrad village, Devin, Smolyan ) and west (Cemiza) Rhodopes mountains.
f. zollikofrii (Kell. et. Stoj.)., Stoj., Stef., Kitan. Fl . Bulgarian ed . 4 , 1 (1966 ) 512 ; S. Stribrnyi subsp. Zollikoferii Kell. et Stoj., Izv . Natural . Inst . II (1929) 270 - white petals. Slavianka mountain.

Flowering Time: Blooms IV-VI, VI-VIII fruitful

References: „Флора на НР България”, том IV, БАН, София, (1970)

Distribution in Bulgaria: Through rock rifts, of limestone, in the mountain belt. Slavianka, Pirin, Central and Western Rhodopes mountains, between 500 and 1600 m altitude. (Conspectus of the Bulgarian Vascular Flora) = conspectus&gs_l= Zlc.

Distribution: Bulgaria , northern Greece. Balkan endemic.

Conservation status and threats:  not protected species in Bulgaria by theBiodiversity Law. Законодателство на Република България: Закон за биологичното разнообразие

This species is included in "The Red Data Book of PR Bulgaria", vol. I, Plants, Bulg.Acad.Sci., Sofia, (1984), as rare, threatened.

and not included in "Червена книга на Реп. България - електонно издание", vol. I, Plants, Bulg.Acad.Sci., Sofia, (2012)

Medical plant: it is not -


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