Silene roemeri Friv.

Silene roemeri Friv., Flora XIX (1836) 439; Boiss., Fl. Or. I (1868) 607; Rohrb., Monogr. Silene (1868) 198; Hayek, Prodr. FL Peoins. Bale. I (1924) 278; Chater. et Walters, FL Eur. I (1964) 166; 5. congesta Griseb., Spic. FL Rum. Bithyn. I (1843)175, поп Cucubalus congestus Willd.; S. sendtneri auct. Vel., FL Bulg. (1891) ,60, поп Boiss.— Рьомерово плюскавиче

Fam:   Caryophyllaceae Juss.
Genus:   Silene L.
Species: Silene roemeri Friv.
English Name: Roemer's campion


Perennial, dioecious (exceptionally monoecious) 15 - 45 cm tall plant with creeping on top highly branched tuber. Stems single or several, in the bottom of a short fiber, the upper bristly without glandular adhesive rings. Leaves entire, short fiber; basal back lance showel-like, the top short-pointed, narrowed at the base, with a long stem, up to 10 cm long and 2 cm wide; stem leaves4 - 6 pairs, the lower 1 - 2 pairs like in the main, the upper smaller lance linear to linear, with short petioles or sessile, not wrap the stem at the base. Inflorescence is wheatear-like, with spurs to II (III) order up to 16 centimeters long, with 4 - 7 branches in the central axis and 3 on the lower side, in the bosom of the branches grow and add branches. Bracts tunicates, naked, on the verge long ciliates. Blossoms unisexual, female sterile stamens, males are sterile pistils, on short thick, fibrous stems. Calyx bell-shaped, cut at the bas, on the top with 5 teeth, unclear streaks, in male blossoms 3.5 - 4 mm in length, females 3.2 - 4 mm in length. The teeth of the calyx ovate to semicircular or broadly triangular, rounded at the top, rarely short-pointed, with broad membranous edge at the base with wide side shoots, overlapping. Petals white, nail wedge, densely fibrous, immediately goes into the dish, 2.5 - 3.5 mm long; the plate of about 3 mm in length, the backbone at its base wider than 1 mm, entire, toothed or to 1/3 of the length of cut-out or cut at the base with two rounded crown warts or without one. Filaments handles of the male blossoms are at the base with long cilia, the rest bare. Pistils goal. Sgylbchetata 3 (4). Fruit box ovate oblong, about 5 mm long, 3 - 3.5 mm wide, with 6 (8) spread teeth about 1.5 mm wide hole in the bottom triplicate wells. Karpoforo to 1 mm long, densely fibrous. Seeds dark brown, flattened kidney, 0.9 - 1.1 mm in length, mesh on the sides, back covered with warts. Warts with broad rounded peaks.

1.    Blossom stems equal to the length of the calyx. Tab of the corolla is entire. . . subsp. sendtneri (Boiss.) D. Jord. et P. Pan., st. n. f S. sendtneri.. Boiss., Fl. Or. 1 (1867) 608; Rohrb., Op. c. 199; F. N. Williams, Journ. Linn. Soc. XXXII (1896) 155; Hayek, 1. c .; Chater et Walters, 1. c. West Stara Planina (Berksvsko) Znepole (Tran and Blood Stone, Breznik).
1*. Blossom stems shorter than the calyx. Tab of the corolla incised or cut to 1/3 the length  ................................................................................... 2
2.  All internodes of the main axis of the inflorescence strongly shortened. Inflorescence thick head, up to 3 cm long and 2 cm wide. Tab of about 1/3 of its length triangular cut, ........... subsp. roemeri. Central Stara Planina (Balkan), Vitosha, Rila, Pirin and the Rhodope Mountains.
2* Lower 1 - 2 internodes on the main axis of the elongated inflorescence in loose cluster, 7 - 15 cm long. Tab of the corolla linear incised 1/4 of its.. length ............ supsp. balcanica Form., Verh. Nat. Ver. Brunn XXXVI (1892) 98. Sofia region,Vitosha mountain, Rila, Struma valley, and Western Rhodopes, the Central Sredna Gora mountains.
var. balcanica. The lower branches of the inflorescence with strongly shortened internodes. The blossms vertebra-like gathered around the main axis. Widespread.
var. polycephala D. Jord. et P. Pan. in Addenda. The lower branches of the inflorescence with elongated internodes. Blossoms gathered in heads on the tops of the inflorescence and and its branches. Rila, Lozen, Plana mountains.

Flowering Time: Blooms: VI-VIII (IX).

References: „Флора на НР България”, том III, БАН, София, (1967)

Distribution in Bulgaria: In grassy areas, meadows, pastures and bushes in the subalpine zone. Western and Central Stara Planina (Balkan mountain), Znepole, Sofia region, Vitosha district, western border mountains (Osogovska), Rila, Pirin, Central Sredna Gora, and Western Rhodopes, between 300 and 2650 m altitude. (Conspectus of the Bulgarian Vascular Flora) = conspectus&gs_l= Zlc.

Distribution: Yugoslavia, Greece and Albania. Balkan endemic.

Conservation status and threats: not protected species in Bulgaria by theBiodiversity Law. Законодателство на Република България: Закон за биологичното разнообразие

Medical plant: - it is not - t


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Silene roemeri 1. Silene roemeri 2. Silene roemeri 3. Silene roemeri 4. Silene roemeri 5. Silene roemeri 6. Silene roemeri 7.


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