Tussilago farfara L.

Fam:  Asteraceae (Composite)
Genus: Tussilago L. 
Species: Tussilago farfara L.
English Name: Coltsfoot, Tash plant, Bull's foot, Winter heliotrope

Coltsfoot is a perennial herbaceous plant that spreads by seeds and rhizomes. Tussilago is often found in colonies of dozens of plants. The flowers, which superficially resembledandelions, appear in early spring before dandelions appear. The leaves, which resemble a colt's foot in cross section, do not appear usually until after the seeds are set. Thus, the flowers appear on stems with no apparent leaves, and the later appearing leaves then wither and die during the season without seeming to set flowers. The plant is typically between 10 – 30 cm in height.

Tussilago farfara, commonly known as Coltsfoot, is a plant in the family Asteraceae that has traditionally had medicinal uses. However, the discovery of toxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids in the plant has resulted in liver health concerns.

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Flowering Time: Februar - June (Д. Делипавлов & Co), March - May, later are enveloped the leafs (Н. Стоянов & Co)


„Определител на растенията в България”, Д. Делипавлов и съавтори, ЗЕМИЗДАТ, София, (1983) – преиздадена през 2003 година.
„Флора на България”, Н. Стоянов, Б. Стефанов, Б. Китанов, НИ, София, (1967)

Distribution in Bulgaria:

In all appropriate loristic regions in Bulgaria: on excavitations, embankments, around roads, up to 1000 m altitude


Conservation status and threats:  not protected species in Bulgaria by theBiodiversity Law. Законодателство на Република България: Закон за биологичното разнообразие

Medical plant: -

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